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Friday, November 28, 2008

My first blog

Finally, after much deliberation :-) I have finally decided to start blogging. This is quite a late entry into the world of blogging and I must admit that initially I was never too fascinated with blogging. I wasn't interested in blogging or even reading other people's blogs for that matter. Whenever any of my friends posted a blog the only question I would ask them is "What on earth do you write about?". The whole idea of posting stuff about you or what you have done on the internet seemed a little absurd and even a little immature to me, as if the person is seeking attention and wants the world to know that this is what I've done or think about and what are your comments. Then I realised that this is exactly what blogging is about i.e. stating your opinion/point of view to other bloggers and thats it! Not showing off or seeking attention!
Recently, a close friend of mine started blogging and I just happened to read a couple of his blogs, which I must admit were very good, and it struck me that blogging isn't all that strange or immature as I had thought it to be! So, with a few words of encouragement from "senior" bloggers (Aditya, Rohit and Bharat "Guru" Nandakumar) I humbly put before you my First Blog!


Rohit said...

Welcome, Sir, into this world :-) I too thought it was immature; almost like one was trying to find a way to escape from reality; and in a way, I guess it is - sometimes (particularly when you're hurt, or angry, or even very pleased) it is much easier to write than it is to talk about it.

Blogging, in my opinion, about every breath you take, or every action you make, every instant of your life, is just a complete waste of time. On the other hand, if you blog about something useful or informative, I would consider it constructive.

On my blog there are just a couple of posts that can be classified as 'emotional'. The others are comparatively 'serious' discourses on electronics - my passion.

The occasional 'sentimental' post is alright. But when you start using your blog as a means to escape from life's troubles, that's when you really need to sort yourself out.

Anni said...

Well well well..Welcome to the bloggin mania :) its fun ya..if een no1 reads,no1 cares..its u..n ur thoughts..ur memories..all worth framing:)
lookn forward to readn more on the Engineers Blog!!

Aditya Sengupta said...

"You will find a lot of information, a lot of nonesense, stuff that may not necessarily make sense..."

For this, you have to get past your first post at the very least ;-)